Car Door Lock Switch Replacement


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One of the essential features of your car is the power door lock switch. It makes it possible for the driver and passenger to lock and unlock your doors simultaneously from a single button.

What is a Car Door Lock Switch?

The car door lock switch is the central locking system on each car door. In the absence of this feature, it’s not possible to securely close the doors for a long duration of time.

The electrical system monitors analyze and control the electronic accessories in the car body. The delicate components inside the car door lock switch get worn out with time. It could be from excessive moisture or wear from continuous usage.

How Does a Car Door Lock Switch Work?

Automotive switches located in the car link together, making it possible to control the car door switches. When you press the switch, the door lock actuator motor moves within the car door lock switch and closes or interrupts the circuit. This makes it possible to close or open the car doors.

How to Tell a Faulty Car Door Lock Switch

Most modern cars have power door locks and a keyless remote system. The lock switch functions as the actuator’s remote. If the switch has an issue, it’s not possible to activate the actuator, and therefore, there’s no way to operate the locks. Some of the signs include:

Door Lock Functioning Periodically

The first indicator that the car door lock switch is malfunctioning is the locks failing to work sometimes. This is often a result of the lack of communication between the door lock actuator and the switch.

If the electrical components wear out or get damaged, the door switch functions randomly, causing the door to lock and unlock unexpectedly.
If the switch fails to activate the locks and door security system, this is a sign that the door lock switch is not transmitting the appropriate amount of power.

Car Door Lock Switch Replacement

Damaged Door Lock Button or Rocker

Most car door lock switches are plastic, making them prone to breaking, corroding, and wear caused by frequent usage or exposure to high temperatures in hot seasons.

Excessive Energy When Unlocking the Door

Applying excessive pressure when unlocking the door is also a sign that the switch has an issue, and you need to repair car doors.

Repeated Attempts to Lock or Unlock the Door

If you need to keep trying to lock or unlock the door multiple times, it’s a sign that there may be excessive moisture in the car door lock switch.

How to Fix a Faulty Door Lock Switch

Since most of the electrical components come as one assembly unit, replacement makes more sense than repair.

The first step is to verify the state of the door lock switch. This involves visually checking the door lock witch for external damage.
The next step is detaching the door lock switch. For this step, the car’s rear tires should have wheel chocks around them to prevent movement.
Installing the new car door lock switch and harness in the door lock cluster comes next.

With the new system in place, the battery can now get connected. Qualified mechanics are well knowledgeable on how to test the relay in the new door lock switch.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Car Door Lock Switch

The estimated cost of replacing a car door lock switch ranges from $114 to $126 for most vehicle models. Purchasing the actual parts costs about $68, and the labor cost ranges from $47 to $59. This amount comes from estimating the mechanic’s hourly rate since the procedure takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Driving with a faulty car door lock switch is not safe. The sudden locking and unlocking of the doors are distracting and makes you prone to accidents. For swift services by qualified technicians, get a quick quote here, and begin the process of getting your car fixed!