6 Reasons Why Chevrolet Check Engine Lights Go On

March 27th, 2021 by

chevrolet check engine lights

You’re driving along and your check engine lights come on – what do you do? A check engine light does not always mean that the engine itself needs to be checked, serviced, or replaced.

Having warning lights pop up on your dash is annoying, but thankfully Chevy’s are good cars and it doesn’t happen too frequently. If it does, it could end up being one of these six issues.

1.Loose Gas Cap Or Old Gas Cap

This is the one solution to your check engine light that everyone hopes it will be because it is the quickest, cheapest, and easiest to fix. Loose gas caps or deteriorated seal of a gas tank cap of models such as a Blazer or Silverado can simply be tightened or replaced for under $50 at Sanger Chevy near Clovis.

Because the gas cap is removed each time you fill up with fuel, it can eventually wear out, and contact with fuel can deteriorate the seal if the weather doesn’t do it first.

2.Defective Spark Plugs

If you are getting a reading of code P0301 for your check engine light diagnostic, this correlates to a misfire which typically means it is time to change the spark plugs. It could also point to faulty spark plug wires. Both should be checked and replaced immediately before any serious damage is done.

3.Bad Oxygen Sensor

Driving with a bad oxygen sensor is not recommended because you may damage your catalytic convertor. Models such as the Chevy Tahoe may read codes like P0134, P1159, or several others which could mean that the oxygen sensor is going bad, or is misaligned and should be maintenanced.

4.Aftermarket Alarm System

Have you installed an aftermarket alarm system on your Chevy Camaro? An alarm system may end up throwing a check engine light on and security codes such as B2960. The easy fix would be to reset the system, but you may have to replace, turn off, or remove the alarm.

Check with your dealership on Chevy compatible alarms before purchasing to avoid having this problem again.

5.The Battery

A dead battery in a Chevy Traverse will not give you a check engine light. But, a bad charging system or other issues with your battery could. If the battery is fine, continue diagnostics for the alternator.

6.Fuel Injection System

Issues with the fuel injection system are not straightforward and easy to diagnose as there could be several codes that correlate to any number of issues with the system. Codes in the range of P1200’s and issues such as rough idling or stalling can be signs of fuel injection issues, and potentially dangerous if not fixed as soon as possible.

Get Your Chevy Check Engine Lights Checked

Computer codes make home maintenance almost impossible but should be checked out as soon as possible as the check engine lights could mean any number of issues from the gas cap to the fuel injection system. It is better to be safe than sorry. Schedule an appointment with your mechanic or Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership of Sanger, California near Fresno today.