AC Belt Replacement


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The Role of an AC Belt in a Car

If you have a non-hybrid vehicle, your car uses an AC belt to power the air compressor for your air conditioner — at least, that is how it works in most cars unless you drive a Toyota Prius plugin or electric vehicle.

The belt delivers power and motion from the crankshaft to the compressor in the air conditioning system. The AC belt is presumably the simplest part of a vehicle’s AC system yet a very significant one.

Older vehicles use v-belts, which generally only run the AC compressor. As the name suggests, it is V-shaped and narrow. Newer vehicles use serpentine belts, which are flat and ribbed to run all the engine components, including the drive belt.

After a while, belts crack and begin to fail. When this happens, most vehicles will display signs of potential failure to alert the driver. Replacing the belt as soon as you notice any signs ensures that it won’t break and compromise the interior temperature of your vehicle.

The Cost of Replacing the Car AC Belt

The cost of AC belt replacement depends on the type of car and the AC repair shop you go to. The replacement cost, however, varies depending on the car model and the service parts supplier. Costly models include BMW and the Nissan Versa, both of which you can purchase from Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC.

Fortunately, a broken or loose belt is often one of the lowest-cost repairs possible on a car, whether it is a broken belt in an air conditioner or defroster or the drive belt on the water pump.

AC belt replacement

What Goes into Car AC Belt Replacement Service?

If the AC belt fails, the air conditioner might no longer work in your vehicle. The malfunctioned AC belt restricts the defrost function or prevents it from functioning altogether. This
is an isolated occurrence, though, since it does not happen in all cars.

Indicators of a Failing AC Belt

  • High-pitched noises when the car AC is on
  • Inspection reveals cracks in the AC belt
  • When the AC belt breaks
  • In some vehicles, the incapacity to defrost the windshield

Steps for Replacing the AC Belt

  1. The first step is to determine the type of belt you have, either a v-shaped or serpentine belt.
  2. Confirm the car AC belt actually needs a replacement
  3. Raise the hood of your car to locate the belt tensioner
  4. Slacken the AC belt tensioner, and detach the damaged belt
  5. Install the new AC belt
  6. Tighten the AC belt tensioner to specifications
  7. Examine the car AC for optimal operation

While the vehicle’s air conditioner will operate without a functioning AC belt, it is not recommended. The issue becomes more critical in the winter if you have to set the heater to a defrost mode.

If you don’t have experience repairing your AC belt, you may consider contracting a professional to handle it. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your car further. Instead, give your car over to a professional at a service center for AC belt replacement.