Axle Shaft Seal Replacement



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When Does the Front Axle Shaft Seal Need to Be Replaced? 

In a car, the front axle shaft seal is the part that seals the connection, preventing fluid from the differential leaking over the axle. Power flows from the differential to the wheels, making the wheels turn. Lubrication is needed to keep the process running smoothly. Depending on your car’s design, the front axle shaft seal attaches to the differential case or axle shaft tube.

How Do You Know if a Front Axle Seal is Broken?

You’ll probably notice transmission or gear oil leaking onto the driveway. The reddish-brown liquid may be noticeable on the floor behind the front wheels, although leaks occur more frequently while driving. As the leak continues, you’ll notice that the transmission or differential fluid is low. It’s important to get help if you notice these signs or you risk permanently damaging the transmission.

When Should You Replace the Front Axle Shaft Seal?

The front axle shaft seal should be replaced as soon as you notice a leak. If left, further damage is possible to the brake components.

Is It Safe to Drive with a Leaking Front Axle Seal?

This depends on the current severity of the leak. If significant fluid loss is being produced from the leak, this means potential damage to the differential or transmission unit. It’s advised to get a repair immediately. If the leak is minimal, keep the differential oil and transmission fluid topped up and get a repair as soon as possible.

Axle Shaft Seal Replacement

The Easy Process to Replace the Front Axle Shaft Seal

– The vehicle is hoisted up on jack stands and tires taken off. To reach the axle, the brake calipers and brackets are removed
– The front axle is removed to access the broken axle seal. A fresh seal is switched in
– The axle in the rear is removed to access the broken seal. A new seal and differential gasket replaces the old part
– Axles are refilled, tires attached and the vehicle is removed from the jack stand
– Brakes are checked, pumped up, and aligned for operation
– The vehicle is tested out on the road, ensuring everything is in perfect working order

How Important is it to Replace a Compromised Axle Shaft Seal?

It’s extremely important to replace a compromised axle shaft seal as soon as possible. Leaking transmission fluid can lead to the transmission completely seizing up, possibly needing a total costly replacement. Contact your local mechanic as soon as you notice a leak.

Can You Repair the Axle Shaft Seal Yourself?

It’s possible, but quite difficult unless you have access to a car jack and proper tools. Removing the axle to get to the seal takes a lot of effort and skill. Unless you have experience, hire a mechanic to complete the job for you.

Axle Shaft Seal Repair – Final Thoughts

Replacing the front axle shaft seal is important for the health of your car. Once you notice leakage from behind the front wheels, talk to your local repair shop for assistance. Check the service cost on this free repair estimate calculator. For more car care tips and guides on how to sell your car in a few steps, check out Prieto Automotive.