Battery Won’t Hold A Charge



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What To Do If Your Car Battery is Dead

We’ve all been there. Getting in your car and trying to start it, but only hearing the clicking noise, and having your stomach drop is a sensation we’ve all experienced. Maybe we left the headlights or interior lights on overnight. Or perhaps it was the freezing temperatures in the early morning. Whatever the case may be, dead car batteries are never fun, and always a hassle.

Keep on reading to learn about a few simple things you can do if you find yourself with a dead battery.

Check the battery connections and terminals

If you are lucky, a quick inspection of the battery itself could solve your problem. Over time, the terminals on car batteries can be jostled loose due to road vibrations and bumpy conditions. If this is the case, your car will lose electrical power.

If one of the terminals did in fact come loose, simply assessing it for any damage, and reconnecting the terminal should do the trick. And if you are unsure of what goes where keep an eye out for the small diagrams and symbols on the exterior of your battery terminals. They will help guide you.

Jumpstart the Battery with Another Car and Jumper Cables

Sometimes a loose connection is not the culprit. If the terminals look like they are firmly connected and in good condition, you may just need to jumpstart the battery. This is will require a few extra things:

  • Jumper cables
  • Another vehicle
  • A willing friend or neighbor

Jumpstarting a car may seem complicated or dangerous, but it’s actually very straightforward. Plus, most jumper cables come with detailed instructions and diagrams to help you through the process. Not to mention the power of your smartphone and the internet when it comes to seeking out extra help.

If you didn’t already have jumper cables stashed in your car, we recommend that you invest in some. If they aren’t helping you and your battery, you may be the friend someone else needs to get their car started after their battery runs out of juice.

Battery Won't Hold A Charge

Call a Roadside Assistance Service Provider

If you are on the side of the road, in a remote location, or without jumper cables and a willing second person, you may just need to call for roadside assistance. There are a variety of roadside assistance service providers that are equipped with tools to jumpstart your battery and get you driving again.

If they suspect that the battery is beyond repair, most roadside service providers will even travel with a spare car battery that you can purchase on the spot in order to start driving again.

We recommend saving your favorite roadside service provider’s information in your phone. But if you are in a bind on the highway, and not sure what company to call, you can always call the non-emergency line for the local police department for extra help.

Purchase and Replace the Old Battery

Most modern car batteries are designed to last at least 5 years. However, depending on your driving habits, the battery in your car may last require replacement prior to that. A couple of common things that will shorten the life span of car batteries are:

  • Frequent short drives
  • Extreme heat and freezing cold climates

Even if you take excellent care of your car battery, eventually it will require replacement. We recommend you keep an eye on your battery and regularly monitor its condition and performance. By doing so, you might be able to replace it ahead of time and avoid the unwanted surprise of a dead battery.

Hire a Professional for an Inspection

If you are consistently experiencing issues with your car battery, and are having to jumpstart your car frequently, it may be time to hire a professional. A professional inspection will include:

  • Battery re-charge
  • Alternator and starter inspection
  • Inspection of the battery terminals
  • Corrosion prevention treatment

If the battery has a bad cell and is beyond repair, the mechanic will recommend that you replace the battery. If you are wondering what to do with your battery, let us know, and we will be glad to help!