Center Support Bearing Replacement


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Center Support Bearing Replacement Service 

While vehicles using front-wheel-drive format are common, rear-wheel-drive cars are just as popular. SUVs, trucks, and passenger cars use drive shafts that connect the rear differential to the transmission in order to turn the rear wheels.

But when it comes to long drive shafts containing two sections, strains are a problem. Consequently, failure to replace a center support bearing may lead to serious damage to your vehicle’s driveshaft, differential, and transmission.

What Role Does Center Support Bearing Play?

Center support bearing is essential for reducing strain on drivetrain components. It is also critical in providing support for the shaft, and allowing the shaft to turn and move freely. Even if the shaft isn’t completely straight, this universal joint allows free motion.

All types of vehicles rely on various mechanisms to generate the needed power for operation. One of these mechanisms is the driveshaft which gives acceleration and torque to other parts of the vehicle.

The driveshaft has an important partner called the bearing. The bearing connects the various parts of the driveshaft with the main system.

You can think of it as a connection point between your rear differential and transmission.

Some sure-fire ways of telling that your support bearing is faulty and needs replacing are:

  • When you hear loud squeaking sounds or encounter a “binding” feeling while driving
  • An overall resistance when driving or lack of performance when steering
  • A shuddering motion when trying to accelerate after stopping

If you’ve experienced this, then it’s time to get your center-bearing support replaced immediately.

What Leads to Center Support Bearing Failure?

The center support bearing may become worn over time as a result of improper installation. Poor handling or lack of lubrication will also lead to the same problem.

Is Center Support Bearing Replacement an Important Service?

It definitely is. The center support bearing is responsible for not just supporting the driveshaft but making sure that it spins freely and unhindered. So if this part fails, it’s likely to lead to serious vehicle problems.

In the event the bearing freezes, damage to your differential components, transmission components, and driveshaft are imminent. So it is in your and your vehicle’s best interest to have this replacement carried out urgently.

Not treating a faulty center support bearing issue with urgency could turn a relatively small issue of part replacement into an extensive repair job. This will lead to additional time to get your car back on the road.

Center Support Bearing Replacement

Choose High-Quality Parts

The new bearing should be of premium quality. While it is tempting to pay less for an inferior part, the risk of premature failure is high. Instead, think about the crucial purpose that this part serves and its effective operation in the long run.

How to Replace Center Support Bearing?

  • Your vehicle is elevated and held up on jack stands
  • The mechanic will then remove the transmission driveshaft and center support bearing
  • The driveshaft is then separated and removed from the non-functioning center bearing support
  • The driveshaft is then installed after having new and fully functioning center support bearing installed to the driveshaft
  • The vehicle is now ready to come off the jack stands and get tested for the correct functioning
  • Conclusion

Center support bearings are likely to become worn over the years, especially in light vehicles. It is imperative that you act on the first signs of bearing damage to prevent further damage to the rest of the linked car parts.
Having your center bearing replaced promptly will also reduce downtime. Likewise, a high-quality center-bearing replacement part will ensure your car runs smoothly for years to come.