Flexible Clutch Hose Replacement


The Flexible Clutch Hose Makes Shifting Gears on Your Car Smooth like Butter

There is a lot that goes into the process of shifting gears on a car. There are many moving parts and electrical components that all need to be operating correctly for the shifting of gears to occur smoothly. The clutch, in large part, is one of the most important components in that system. And without the flexible clutch hose, none of it would be possible.

What is a Flexible Clutch Hose?

The flexible clutch hose is one of the few flexible lines or hoses that are part of the hydraulic clutch system in your car. The flexible clutch hose works with the clutch slave cylinder to deliver fluid from to the clutch

What Does the Flexible Clutch Hose Do?

The clutch hose’s job is very simple: deliver hydraulic fluid to the clutch.

Essentially, when you push down on the clutch pedal, fluid travels through the hose and facilitates movement of the clutch. When the flexible clutch hose is operating correctly, it helps your vehicle shift gears smoothly, like butter.

However, if because of its flexible nature and the clutch hose can be less durable than other parts of the car. This means that it may be prone to damage. If this is the case, your car will begin to exhibit signs of a dysfunctional flexible clutch hose.

Flexible Clutch Hose Replacement

Signs That Your Clutch Hose Needs Repair

When the clutch hose is not working properly, you may start to observe certain signs:

  • The clutch will not engage properly
  • Fluid leakage under the car, but all other components that require fluid are fine
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Constant refilling of fluid in the clutch reservoir

If you can locate and identify the clutch hose itself, you may notice these physical signs of wear:

  • Cracks
  • Tears
  • Kinks
  • Compressed

We recommend that you do not ignore these signs, and delay in getting your vehicle scheduled for maintenance. If the problem goes untreated for too long, you may cause irreparable damage to the clutch system, which is a much more extensive (and expensive) repair.

How to Fix a Flexible Clutch Hose

When a mechanic works on your car to replace the faulty flexible clutch hose, they will take the following steps:

  • The car is jacked up off the ground to expose the undercarriage
  • The clutch hose is located and identified
  • The defective hose is removed
  • A brand new clutch hose is installed on the car
  • The hose line is bled of any air so that the fluid can travel appropriately
  • The car is lowered to the ground
  • The vehicle gets test-driven and the functionality of the clutch is observed

Repair Costs

The process for replacing a flexible clutch hose is rather complex. This is why we recommend that you hire a professional to do it. Obviously, however, when you hire someone else, the cost goes up, but for good reason. You want to make sure the job is done correctly.

The final price will depend on the year, make, and model of your car. As well as your geographic location and the local prices for service. However, on average, flexible clutch hose replacement goes anywhere between $100 and $200.

If you are curious about other components in your car, let us know! And if you are in the market for a manual transmission car, browse our inventory. We can help you find the vehicle you want.