Lubricate Hood Hinge


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Lubricating a Hood Hinge: Is it necessary?

You’re driving along when all of a sudden you hear the sound of metal scraping on metal. You pull over and realize that your car’s hood hinge has just broken, leaving it dangling uselessly from the body of your vehicle. After some research, you learn that even modern cars need their hinges lubricated after a while.

Wish you would’ve known that? Read on to find out more about hood hinges.

What Are Hood Hinges?

Hood hinges are found on the hood of most cars and trucks. They attach to the body at one end, usually in front of either a supercharger or air cleaner assembly. In contrast, their other end attaches to the base of the windshield cowl panel (the metal bar that goes across just below your windshield).

Their purpose is to allow the hood to be opened, and they also serve as supports for the front fenders. The hinges are usually made from either steel or aluminum, with a thin layer of silicon lubrication used on each surface to ensure that nothing rubs together too abrasively.

How Do You Know If Your Hinge Needs Lubricant?

Most newer cars have their hinges lubricated from the factory and usually don’t need to be touched. If your car is older than fifteen years old, you should make sure that any hinge attachments are secure. You can also use a simple test to see if the hinge is slipping, which will result in your car hood not opening all the way.

First, try closing your hood and then pushing on it with force inside or outside the vehicle’s front fenders. If you hear that familiar scraping sound when you close it again, this means there may be an issue with the hinges.

If you hear that sound when opening it, then your hood hinge may need some lubrication to prevent this from happening in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Lubricate Hood Hinges?

Most garages offer this service, and it should cost you anywhere from $150-$200 to have the hinges serviced. At Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC, we pride ourselves on offering fast and seamless service for this all-too-common problem.

Lubricate Hood Hinge

How Will My Hinge Be Lubricated?

A Prieto technician will inspect your hinges and then use a thin wire brush to ensure that the surfaces are free of excess dirt or corrosion. Next, they’ll apply a silicone lubricant in between each hinge section, so there’s no contact together at all.

The last step is simply closing your hood again and seeing if you can easily open and close it with minimal effort. If you can, then all is well, and your hinges are lubricated for the next few years!

What If I Don’t Want To Get My Hinges Serviced?

If this happens while your car’s hood is closed, you’ll need a tow truck driver or another person to help lift on the hood to release the latch, and then you’ll need a very tall jack or hydraulic lift system if it’s happening while your car is parked.

There are also many times when this will happen right before you’re about to take off on a long trip out of town – not fun!


If you’re having doubts about the safety of your car’s hinges, then it may be time for a service checkup! Don’t wait until it’s too late and your hood falls off while you’re driving down the freeway.

Come on down to Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC, and we’ll take care of your car’s hinges!