Trunk Lift Support Shocks Replacement

Let The Trunk Lift Support Shocks Do the Heavy Lifting

When you’re loading or unloading the trunk of your car, you expect the door to remain stable and open. Trunk lift support shocks are an important safety component that hold your door open, allowing you to focus on groceries or holiday packing.

It’s only when these shocks begin to fail that you realize the load they carry.

What are Trunk Lift Support Shocks?

Your trunk support shocks are mechanisms designed to do heavy lifting. Using gas-filled cylinders, support shocks create a smooth, stable movement and secure your trunk door position with a precise amount of force.

This is why, when your arms are loaded and you are only able to lift your trunk part way open, your car seems to do the rest. Gas shocks match the weight of your trunk door, helping it to move smoothly and remain securely open.


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How Do You Know if You Need Trunk Lift Shock Replacement?

Thankfully, before the part fails altogether, there are often signs that your vehicle needs a trunk lift shock replacement. Common warning signs include:

  • Trunk door doesn’t open as smoothly as it once did
  • Door doesn’t open all the way, without assistance
  • When opening trunk manually, the door feels heavy
  • In cold weather, the trunk door will close slowly

If you experience any of these scenarios, it is important to have your car or truck looked at right away. Keep in mind that when one trunk lift shock weakens or goes entirely, both should be replaced at the same time.

Risks of Delaying Repair

While weakened trunk supports may not sound like an emergency, they are an important part of your car’s overall safety.

The risk of faulty trunk support shocks comes down to the weight of your trunk door. If it closes on you unexpectedly, you could experience a head injury or other bodily harm. Because we have grown to trust the safety features of our vehicles, the idea of your trunk door closing unexpectedly is dangerous.

What is the Cost of Trunk Lift Shock Replacement?

When your trunk lift supports need repair—a common issue over time—you can either have them re-gassed or have them replaced. Your best solution will depend on the state of your supports and the cost of having them serviced locally.

If you decide they need to be replaced, the cost will likely vary, depending on your car manufacturer and the age of your vehicle.

On average, however, if you take your car to be serviced by a mechanic, parts and labor together will likely cost $200-$400.

Trunk Lift Support Shocks Replacement

Can I Do the Repair Myself?

The short answer is—yes. If you are willing to do some research and do the work yourself, you can replace your trunk lift support shocks at home.

Once you’ve done some research, you’ll be ready for a few basic steps:

  1. Buy replacement truck lift support shocks that fit your vehicle
  2. Take the weight from your truck door with a prop
  3. Use screwdriver to release clip and remove ball and socket joint
  4. Repeat at both ends of each support shock
  5. Insert replacement components
  6. Test new support shocks while holding weight off door

Remember to replace both support shocks at once when making your repairs.

Get an Expert Opinion

If you’re unsure whether to fix your trunk lift support shocks or have the work done by a professional, contact Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC for a free consultation.